All dogs are bathed with Tropiclean 100% organic shampoos. In my experience these are a wonderful professional range of products that really clean the dogs coat (yes, even the one’s that have rolled in ‘something’!) while being kind to and even benefitting their skin.

This range have specific shampoo’s tailored to your dogs coat type and colour and several hypo-allergenic shampoo’s for dogs with sensitivities/allergies. And they all smell gorgeous! I am also always happy to bath your dog in a shampoo prescribed or recommended by your vet, or just one you have found always works and are happy with.

All dogs are double bathed (first shampoo gets the grime out, the second gets the dog really clean) with a conditioner added if needed. I can also use a de-tangler on long haired/knotty dogs to help with combing their coats out. They are then blasted (like a vacuum in reverse, it literally ‘blasts’ the excess water and more importantly all the loose hair out of the coat), then blow dried by hand. I do not use cabinet driers.

All dogs coming in, even just for a bath, get nails clipped, feet trimmed, sanitaries tidied and ears cleaned (and plucked if necessary).


After the dogs are bathed and dried they are brushed and combed through until they are totally knot free and ready for styling.

We offer all types of grooming –

  • Clipping
  • Scissoring
  • Bathing
  • Brushing Out
  • Hand stripping
  • Guard comb (long clipping)
  • Special requests – from mohicans to “don’t touch her beard!”


When a dog comes in with a matted coat (lots of knots that have joined together to make large masses often very close to the skin) I will always try my best to detangle the coat and leave your dog looking as near to your expectations as possible, however my primary concern is your dog’s welfare. If saving a long coat involves pulling at them or causes them any distress it is kinder to take the coat short and start again. I am happy to offer you advice and practical help dealing with difficult, unruly coats or on choosing the best hair cut for you, your dog and your lifestyle.

If it’s necessary this course of action will be discussed with you fully when you bring your dog in and before I proceed. Clipping and preparing a matted dog often takes longer and will be subject to a small charge.

Please see the prices page.